About Us

We are a mother, Lauren (here is my website) and daughter, Liz, navigating the choppy waters of our relationship. Like any mother/daughter duo, we have our good days, our bad days and our very bad days. On one of those good days, when we were in the car singing along to Regina Spektor and chatting about everything and nothing, we decided to do this blog.

Okay, so Lauren decided to do the blog. Liz, in a sunny mood and bribed by a decaf iced mocha, agreed.

We decided to blog about everyday stuff – movies, music, Facebook surveys — as well as the important stuff, the thorny issues mothers and teens often fight about. Or don’t talk about at all. Writing about this would help us, we figured. It would help our sometimes stormy relationship, help us understand each other better, keep open the lines of communication. We thought it could help other mothers and teen daughters. After all, homework, junk food, online overdosing, school night bedtimes, boys, sex — the issues we butt heads over – are the same ones all of us mothers and daughters lock horns about.

We decided this site should have a place where mothers and daughters could chime in about the ups and downs of their relationships. Maybe we can learn from each other as we travel down this rocky road. We’re also linking out to other sites with good info about the real challenges (and joys) of this mother-daughter dance.

Really, there is no relationship as important or as fraught with issues as this one. It might be the most significant of all intergenerational connections, the most profound bond. Mother-daughter identities are enmeshed and interwoven, yet individual and distinct. It’s that push-pull that can make life for the mother of a teen girl and for the girl herself, um, hellish. There is no other relationship that veers so sharply between intimacy and distance, and between love and hate.

So, welcome to my teenage werewolf, our mother-daughter blog. We hope you’ll return, again and again to read our posts. We hope they will spark mother-daughter conversations (heated and otherwise). And we really hope you comment and share your thoughts.  We really are interested!   My Teenage Werewolf is also a book .

Lauren and Liz