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published: September 10th, 2013

L is for Luck

word luckDo you think you’re particularly lucky?  Or particularly unlucky?  Lizzie wanted to write about LUCK for our “A to Zs of Teenagers” feature at, and this really got me thinking:  Do I even believe in luck?  I used to when I was Lizzie’s age.  The most interesting thing for me with this new post was not what I had to say (!) but the insight it provided into Lizzie’s mind.  It prompted several conversations we’d never had before.  You might want to try this with your teen.  Ask her to talk about (or list)  the 5 ways she thinks she’s lucky, and the 5 ways she thinks she’s unlucky.  You might be surprised.

Here is the new post from Lizzie and me, L is for Luck at


published: August 21st, 2013

K is for Know

I knowI’ve spent my time in the mothering-the-teen trenches.  Battle scars notwithstanding, this rollercoaster of an experience does not make me an expert.  But I have learned a few things.  In this new post, I write about the “10 Things I Know about Mothering a Teen,” while my teen writes about (gulp) the “10 Things Moms OUGHT to Know about their Teens.”  At least hers is worth reading!

Here is the new post by Lizzie and me, K is for Know at

published: August 14th, 2013

J is for Junk Food

junkfoodAs a teen, I was a junk food junkie.  Now I’m the mother of one.

But when I make rules about junk food in the house, when I rag on Lizzie for eating at McD’s with her new boyfriend, when I make a comment about the occasional Big Gulp vessel (the thing can hardly be called a “cup”) I see on top of the trash, I am swimming against the tide.  Junk food is not just a personal issue or a family issue, it is a societal, cultural, global issue.

The question is: Do I want to spend what mommy capital I have on label reading, nutrition “teaching moments,” dinnertime lectures and Biggie Fry rants?

Here’s the new post from Lizzie and me, J is for Junk food at

published: July 10th, 2013

H is for Help

no helpHelp is what we want to give. It’s why we’re here. It’s what we’ve always done: helping our kids learn to walk and talk and feed themselves, to read a book, throw a ball, pet a cat, ride a bike. We were so useful! Their little arms reached up to us as they asked for, pleaded for and gratefully accepted our help. Remember those days?

Fast-forward 14, 15, 16, 17 years.

When was the last time you offered to help your teen? When was the last time she accepted?

Read more:  H is for Help at

published: June 21st, 2013

G is for Girlfriends

two-girls-holding-handsYou love them. You hate them.  They sabotage you.  They rescue you.

Lizzie and I talk about the ups and downs of girl-to-girl friendships in our newest post, G is for Girlfriends at  It’s part of our series, The A to Zs of Teenagers.  That’s seven letters down, 19 more to go.  Will we make it?

published: May 30th, 2013

F is for Family

happy-familyLike all mothers, I have two families: the one I happened into and the one I made happen. I had nothing to do with the former (I simply arrived on the scene) and everything to do with the latter.

What can we learn (or unlearn) from our past?

What did I learn as a daughter than makes me a better mother?

You can read more — here — at where Lizzie and I are blogging on the A to Zs of Teenagers.  This one is F is for Family.

published: May 14th, 2013

E is for Eating


Eat more. Eat less. Eat healthier. Eat slower. Eat breakfast. Eat with the family. Don’t eat standing in front of the open refrigerator. Eat a piece of fruit if you’re hungry. Don’t eat in your room.



Does any of this—does all of this—sound familiar?

Lizzie and I write about the battle ground of food in our ongoing column, The A to Zs of Teenagers, at  Here is it.

published: March 7th, 2013

B is for Boyfriend

boyfriendLizzie and I discuss what makes for an ideal boyfriend in this second in a series of (maybe) 26 posts we’re writing for  Read it here.

When I saw our names together as authors, I got all misty-eyed.  Not that I would wish being a writer on her…but who knew, in the darkest days of werewolfdom, that we would be collaborating on posts, both paid authors.

published: February 27th, 2013

A is for Advice

adviceMothers are free with advice.

Daughters are loathe to take it.

Gee, that’s news…

But Lizzie and I have our own unique take on this thorny mother-daughter subject.  We’re blogging together at… from A to Z.  This is our first post: A is for Advice.  Take a look!


published: January 4th, 2013

Further Adventures in Mother-Daughter Land

Noticed that I haven’t posted recently? That’s because all mother-daughter issues have been resolved, and there’s just nothing to write about.  That’s because I have learned all the lessons of motherhood and am now busy readying myself for sainthood.  That’s because my werewolf is an angel, and my house is as calm as a yoga retreat.


Actually, I HAVE been blogging about the ups and downs of life with a teen — at, a big, lively site that includes articles and essays and blogs on parenting kids of all ages.  And the, um, adventure, continues.

Here are links to my most recent posts.  Please do click and take a look.

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